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Mitsubishi Assiting Oregon with Electric Car Charging Stations

This week at the New York Auto Show Mitsubishi made the announcement that they would assist in building a state-wide charging network for electric cars in Oregon.

Mitsubishi Motors North America CEO Shinichi Kurihara announced the commitment the same morning that it was announced that the Mitsubishi iMiEV would be coming to the United States.

Mitsubishi’s contribution will come in the form of input to state while it builds the electric vehicle charging stations.

This makes the second partnership for the state of Oregon’s EV charging station project. Nissan was in Portland last Monday with a prototype of a 2010 electric car which is expected to be sold this year.

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Mitsubishi To Help Oregon Build Statewide Electric Car Network

Mitsubishi Motors is now the second auto-maker to commit to helping Oregon build a statewide electric vehicle charging network. Last year, Toyota became the first. Portland General Electric has already deployed more than a dozen charging stations across the Portland metro area.

Shinichi Kurihara, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, announced the partnership during a speech at the New York International Auto Show, where it showcased Mitsubishi’s plug-in electric, the MiEV, which stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle.

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski said in a press conference “Oregon welcomes the partnership with Mitsubishi as we transition to the next generation in vehicle technology. Together, we can build a consistent and reliable infrastructure so Oregonians can make the switch seamlessly to electric vehicles, The partnership shows that a state can create opportunity for its commitment to a greener future — wins for our economy and our environment.”

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Mitsubishi confirms iMiEV Coming to U.S.

At a Mitsubishi press conference at the New York Auto show today, it was announced officially that the Mitsubishi iMiEV electric vehicle will be available for purchase in the US.

The iMiEV, which is proving to be a hit in test drives, has long been rumored to be coming to the US, but now it’s a fact. Although there is no exact date for release of the Mitsubishi iMiEV but it is expected before 2012.

Mitsubishi’s main hurtle for producing the iMiEV is whether or not GS Yuasa (the battery producer) can secure enough lithium for the lithium-ion batteries, although it should be noted that Mitsubishi production plans were recently increase to 20,000 iMiEV’s per year.

The iMiEV will (thankfully) get a new name when it comes to the States. We aren’t huge fans of the current acronym, which stands for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle.

The tiny iMiEV boasts a 63-hp electric motor that can get it up to a top speed of 81 mph. Whiel it takes about seven hours to recharge the battery from 220-volt outlets or a whopping 14 hours, if using a 110-volt source. Fortunately there’s a three-phase ‘quick charger’ that can charge it to 80 percent capacity in about 30 minutes.

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World Green Car of the Year Finalists Announced

The three World Green Car of the Year finalists were announced yesterday and they are: the Toyota iQ, the Mitsubishi iMiEV and the Honda FCX Clarity (pictured above).

The Toyota iQ is a diminutive four-seater. It runs off an impressive 1.0 liter engine that can get up to 67 mpg and has already won its own share of awards, including Japan’s Car of the Year Award.

The Mitsubishi iMiEV is an all-electric vehicle that has boasts outstanding handling and impressive acceleration. This sub-compact electric vehicle has an 85-mile range and a top speed of 80 mph.

The Honda FCX Clarity, is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with a 270 mile range on a full tank. Why calculate the range? Because you need to always be in range of one of the few filling stations out there. California, one of the few places to make a concerted effort to establish hydrogen fuel stations, still only has 24 to date. Will hydrogen be able to make the leap to a feasible infrastructure? Who knows, but it sure is tempting considering they run completely emission-free. Yes, I know, generating the hydrogen and running the stations isn’t emission free. If you have a problem with hydrogen fuel-cell cars take it up with the Governator.

Last year’s winner was the BMW 118d – a diesel car that gets 60 mpg. This year’s winner will be chosen on April 9.

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