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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging System Promises Infinite Range

IAV Automotive Engineering out of Germany has recently secured an impressive patent for their electric vehicle wireless road charging system. That’s right, it magically beams energy to your electric car.

The technology would work by installing electrical conductors into rodas. These conductors would generate magnetic fields which charge an electric vehicle’s battery as it drives. RFID tags would mark your electric car and keep track of how much energy you use so you can be billed appropriately.

If this works as described, this could spell disaster for all the companies scrambling to establish battery charging and swapping station infrastructures.

The IAV electric car charging system would not only eliminate any concerns about range anxiety not to mention that the whole system is resistant to weather and mechanical wear as well as having the ability to charge vehicles traveling at high speeds or even while parked.

So far, test at IAV are showing an impressive 90% efficiency of energy transfer from conductors to vehicles. The conductors also have sensors that detect when a vehicle is near and only operate when necessary.

IAV expects that this technology will be commercially available within three years.

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