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Federal Hydrogen Fuel Cell Funding Restored

Tweet We received some very impassioned comments back in May when the Obama Administrations cut hydrogen fuel cell funding for research and development. Several readers felt that a huge opportunity for a long-term eco-friendly vehicle solution had been missed. Well, those same readers will be pleased to know that Senator Byron Dorgan (D) and the […]

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Tesla Motors Opening 7 New Stores

Tweet Tesla Motors has announced the opening of seven new stores in North America and Europe. The first stores to open in June are going to be located in New York, Seattle and Chicago. Soon after another Tesla Motors will be opened in Miami. Tesla also says that it is looking for a number of […]

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Norway Hydrogen Highway Finished

Tweet The U.S. may have cut funding for hydrogen fuel cell research, but that doesn’t mean that hydrogen powered vehicles are done. Norway recently finished building its first hydrogen highway. The HyNor project is a 580 stretch from east coast to west starting in Oslo and ending in Stavanger with 12 hydrogen filling stations along […]

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Obama Administration Cuts Hydrogen Fuel Cell Funding

Tweet While the Obama Administration is definitely behind green initiatives and reducing vehicular carbon emissions, they have officially started cutting ties with hydrogen fuel-cell technology in favor of plug-in electric vehicles. The DOE secretary Steven Chu stated yesterday that hydrogen vehicles are still 10 to 20 years from being practical and consequently the federal government […]

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Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen Fuel-cell B-Class

Tweet Mercedes-Benz is working on an affordable B-Class hydrogen fuel-cell car that will see production, on a small-scale, before the end of 2009. It is likely that this hydrogen vehicle will at least somewhat based on the BlueZero concept (pictured above) that was revealed to a lot of interest earlier this year at the Detroit […]

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DOE Invests $41.9 Million into Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Tweet With all the talk about investing in electric and hybrid cars and the necessary infrastructure it’s easy to forget about hydrogen fuel cells. There are still plenty of hardcore hydrogen proponents and with the Honda FCX Clarity (pictured above) winning the Green Car of the Year Award it’s no wonder. It also seems the […]

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ZENN Electric Vehicle for Under $10K

Tweet Think an electric vehicle for less than $10k is just a pipe dream? Canadian car company ZENN is offering a deal through the end of June to offer their neighborhood electric LSV vehicles for under $10k. Now bear in mind, the ZENN LSV isn’t for everyone, as a neighborhood electic vehicle only reaches speeds […]

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Honda FCX Clarity Named World Green Car

Tweet At the New York Auto Show this morning, the Honda FCX Clarity was named the World Green Car. The list of 22 candidates was made of cars which had at least 10 produced and were either being driven by owners or were operating in test fleets. Among the top vote-getters along with Honda were […]

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Mercedes Hydrogen Buggy Looks Awesome

Tweet Take a look at the new face of awesome. The Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster brings us back to our horse and buggy roots, minus the smelly horses. With a joystick control, fiberglass body and nifty hydrogen-electric fuel-cell power, we can’t help but salivate over how freakin’ cool this thing looks. The buggy has rid itself […]

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World Green Car of the Year Finalists Announced

Tweet The three World Green Car of the Year finalists were announced yesterday and they are: the Toyota iQ, the Mitsubishi iMiEV and the Honda FCX Clarity (pictured above). The Toyota iQ is a diminutive four-seater. It runs off an impressive 1.0 liter engine that can get up to 67 mpg and has already won […]

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