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Shell Ends Algae Biofuel Research

Tweet Algae biofuels have been one of several beacons of hope for those looking to reduce or end our dependence on oil. In fact last year the DOE gave $24 million to a partnership between Shell Oil and HR Biopetroleum for reseach in algae biofuels. Now it seems that Shell has dropped that direction of […]

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DOE Invests $24 Million into Algae Biofuel

Tweet The Department of Energy is licking its lips at the prospect of finding a way to turn algae into biofuel in a financially viable way so they have just invested $25 million to spur that research on. Algue biofuels have represented a bit of a holy grail to the biofuel industry as it can […]

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Cash for Clunkers Eligible Vehicles List

Tweet This list we link to below is based on the requirements set forth in the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009 (commonly known as the “Cash for Clunkers Act”) that was enacted on June 24, 2009, as well as the published regulations issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) […]

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ParaJet SkyCar Price Set, Orders Accepted

Tweet I don’t think there’s anyway for us to be objective when it comes to the new ParaJet SkyCar. It’s simply way too cool. A couple things have changed since last time we reported on it. The design has evolved a great deal, Parajet International Ltd. is now offering prospective purchasers a chance to throw […]

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USPS Gets 1400 Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Tweet The United States Postal Service has around 220,000 vehicles in its fleet, of which 43,000 are alternative fuel vehicles. The new set of energy efficient vehicles will be introduced as part of the Post Office’s plan to reduce petroleum use by 20% over the next five years. They recently announced a major green step […]

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Study: Biodiesel Costs 50 Gallons of Water per Mile

Tweet Biodiesel has taken a bit of a hit from a study recently published in Environmental Science & Technology magazine. The study looks at the amount of water required to produce enough corn to create sufficient ethanol to propel a diesel vehicle one mile. The result was an average of 50 gallons of water per […]

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San Francisco Happy with Ford Escape Hybrid Taxis

Tweet San Fransicans are saying a big “hells yeah” to the Ford Escape hybrid taxis roaming the city streets. San Francisco’s first 15 hybrid taxis, all Ford Escapes, all reached the taxi retirement age of 300,000 miles and are being taken off the road. Their staying power shows that hybrid technology is more durable than […]

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Virent Energy’s Green Gasoline from Sugar

Tweet The opening of a demonstration plant is planned for later this year by Virent Energy Systems. The plant will convert sugar water into gasoline, or something very similar to gasoline anyway – liquid hydrocarbons. According to Virent Energy CEO Lee Edwards, this pilot facility is to be located in Madison, Wisconsin and expected to […]

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Biodiesel Not the Cause of School Buses Stalling

Tweet Minnesota school buses have apparently been stalling and the blame was falling on the biodiesel that was mixed in with the regular diesel. This wasn’t the cause though according to the National Biodiesel Board’s recent statement. An independent study looked into the issue and found that it was just a diesel related issue in […]

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The Environmental Cost of Biofuel

Tweet It was recently reported in The Australian that the importing of biofuels by Australia is contributing to the destruction of rainforests in Malaysia Indonesia. The rainforests are being bulldozed in favor of palm oil plantations. Palm oil imports for the purpose of creating biofuel is on the rise due to its low cost and […]

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