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The 2012 Toyota Prius V Five


When Toyota first introduced the ground-breaking Prius to the market, people were impressed, but many consumers were put off by the car’s high price tag. Even though the company claimed that the extra cost would pay for itself within several years of saved fuel cost, that initial price tag was just too daunting to the average family.

Toyota believes that they’ve addressed this concern with their latest Prius- the V Five. The latest iteration is basically similar to the original, boasting a similar powertrain but housed in a more hatchback body style.

A huge bonus in the design of the new Prius is how much roomier it is. More leg room, more head room, and a lot more cargo area(over 34 cubic feet) in the back. Toyota says that this model is the most roomy of all hybrids – and those numbers agree.

And then of course, there’s the price. The factory model of the Prius V Five is $27,000 – which is a significant drop for this brand. Naturally, once you start adding on all the luxury additions like sun roofs and the ultimate stereo system, you’re going to see that price tag shoot up pretty quickly, but if your motive is a car that is better for the environment, then this might be the affordable choice.

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