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On a Budget? The Affordable 2012 Toyota Yaris Hybrid


Toyota has always prided itself on being a car company that made affordable vehicles that surpassed all safety and emissions standards. They are now bringing the new Yaris Hybrid to the world, and they are presenting it at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The new Yaris Hybrid is surprisingly gutsy for what is typical when one thinks of a hybrid car (and when one thinks of a Yaris.) It’ll get its juice from Toyota’s HSD powertrain that combines the 1.5 liter fuel engine with an electric motor and battery.

Toyota also made some major body changes on the new Yaris Hybrid, with a huge focus on a more aerodynamic exterior, which actually will seriously cut down on fuel usage.

The new Yaris is roomy, too. Something we always appreciated in the compact Yaris, was how much room there seemed to be in the interior. The Yaris Hybrid will feature the same amount of passenger space and the same 286-litre in the boot as the gas and diesel models.

No word yet on the exact price, but Toyota always makes sure that their fleet is affordable for the average car buyer. Plus, because of the safety features, insurers that offer budget car insurance are usually able to provide owners with extremely competitive rates if they are buying a new vehicle with Toyota safety standards.

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