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Honda Goes Hybrid With the Acura RLX

Acura RLX

Tokyo based automakers, Honda Motors, want to increase sales for their new Acura, and they are taking the green road to reach their goals. The Acura is Honda’s premium brand, and their new sedan will make use of two electric motors and a V-6 gasoline engine.

The RLX, as its being called, will be the replacement of their RL sedan. The new model will go on sale early 2013, according to company representatives at the New York International Auto Show. The RLX employs a n3.5-liter gasoline engine which, in combination with the electric motors and lithium-ion battery pack, packs a 370 horsepower punch and gets about 48 kilometers to the gallon in combined city and highway driving, Honda said.

How does it stack up against the current RL model? The RLX’s fuel economy is 50% better than the current RL, which averages 20 mpg.

Sales of Acura cars in America peaked at 209,610 vehicles in 2005 but had dropped down to 123,299 last year. Honda wants the brand to sell 180,000 cars and trucks in 2012, a 46% increase in sales.

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  1. Emilee Rudicil Says:

    What about the Honda Fit all electric vehicle? I think that’s a car from Honda to keep in mind, but it’s a lease only option for the first few years at least.

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