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GM Doubling Chevy Volt Production


This blogger wasn’t shocked at the success of the Chevy Volt but it looks like General Motors was. A number of sources are now reporting that they are going to more than double the number of Chevy Volts they produce next year from 45,000 up to 120,000!

Additionally, it looks like GM may also try and boost Volt production for this year from 10,000 to 25,000. Wow, you can almost hear the exectives talking to themselves saying, “Holy crap, people really do like the Volt!”

GM North America President Mark Reuss stated late last year that Chevy Volt production levels would be bottle-necked by the limited number of battery packs that LG Chem could produce. There has been no announcement on how or if this hurdle has been addressed but presumably it has. Only time will tell how many Volts will hit the car lots over the next couple years.

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