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Uber Tests All-Electric Cars in Chicago

17 March 2015

Uber announced last Friday that they have signed a deal with one of China’s largest automakers BYD Co. to test a fleet of their electric cars in a pilot program for its drivers. Uber launched the pilot program in Chicago just a few weeks ago to use the BYD e6 electric cars and if all […]

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Apple Named In Lawsuit For Poaching A123 Car Battery Engineers

19 February 2015

If rumors about Apple seriously considering developing an electric car weren’t already picking up steam, the latest lawsuit filed against the tech giant should add more than enough fuel to the fire. A123 Systems, a company that specializes in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, has accused Apple of aggressively poaching their employees. The suit […]

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Could an Apple Car Compete with Tesla?

18 February 2015

It’s been a while since Apple has made a real splash in the news, but the Wall Street Journal broke news last week with rumors that the company responsible for the creation of the iPhone has a team of employees working on a design for an electric car. What we know so far is that […]

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Tesla Unveils New Model S Sedan

10 October 2014

Tesla is determined to bring the world automated driving and took it’s first step Thursday by unveiling a new electric Model S Sedan that has the ability to park itself and detect dangerous situations. A new option said to be available for the Model S includes all-wheel drive, which might sound like a good way […]

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Nissan Leafs Roll Out For Low Carbon London Project

12 July 2013

The Low Carbon London Project has provided brand new Nissan Leafs to 25 individuals as a part of its electric vehicle (EV) lease scheme. The individuals involved picked up their Leafs at Nissan’s UK headquarters in Maple Cross, Hertfordshire and will be providing pertinent information regarding their experiences during the one year trial. An additional […]

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Discover the Range of Hybrid Car Options

10 April 2013

It doesn’t matter whether you are an eco-activist or just trying to save money on fuel costs, a hybrid car is an excellent choice. You don’t have to sacrifice size for great fuel economy, nor do you have to lose style for green features. From compact to luxury, there is a green, fuel-efficient car out […]

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NASCAR stars Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon probably aren’t the first people you’d think of to own Chevy Volts, but they do. Granted the famous racecar drivers are clearly more associated with Chevrolet than just owners/appreciators of the Volt. But still, it’s cool to see a couple guys like this lending their voice to supporting an eco-friendly vehicle like the Chevy Volt.


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